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Problem with Open and Close Price on Renko Chart (EA)

I apologize ahead of time if this is posted somewhere. I've been digging for hours on end and haven't found an explanation.
I understand I'm running an EA on top of another EA and some values will not line up. I want to double check to make sure the problem isn't something small that I am doing
So, I am running MathTrader7_Renko EA to create a Renko chart in MT4. Then on top of that, I am trying to run a simple EA from Forex Strategy Builder Pro.
Bar Opening
Candle Color (Bullish Candle Formed, 3 consecutive)
Bar Closing
Candle Color (Bearish Candle Formed)
Everything about that seems to work fine, except the Bar Opening Price is different from the actual bar price.That seems to be the only thing holding the EA back from executing.
It works with a regular "online" chart but not for the Renko EA offline chart.
I guess my question is if there is an easy fix/run around for this or is something in the Renko EA messing with the value?
Thank you
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